2015 Speakers Announced


Steve Keating

Steven Keating is a Calgarian and mechanical engineering doctoral candidate at the MIT Media Lab who is developing novel platforms for 3D printing buildings, synthetic biological fabrication, and designed growth of the next generation of products. Curiosity drives his research and also saved his life through the accidental discovery of a baseball-sized cancerous brain tumour found in a voluntary academic scan. With his tumour successfully removed through awake brain surgery in 2014, Steven is an advocate for open patient data and curiosity.


Ric Esther Bienstock

Emmy-Award winning Canadian filmmaker Ric Esther Bienstock is best known for her groundbreaking investigative documentaries, including “Tales from the Organ Trade“, “Sex Slaves“, Ebola: Inside an Outbreak“, and “Ms. Conceptions“.  Ric is globally recognized for her brilliant storytelling and her unique way of shining light into some of the darkest corners of the world. Her films have been screened at over 80 international festivals and aired in over 50 countries.  Ric has garnered dozens of prestigious awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, a Dupont Columbia Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism (the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), and two Amnesty International Awards. Most recently, in 2015 the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television honoured Ric with the renowned Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism.


Lars Krutak

Lars Krutak is a tattoo anthropologist, author and television host who has spent the last two decades traveling the world, learning about unique tattoos and the meanings behind them.  Lars has a special interest in preserving Indigenous knowledge of tattooing, as this ancient culture has begun to vanish quickly around the globe. Having published several books on the subject, and hosting a Discovery Channel series, entitled “Tattoo Hunter”, Lars has worked to reveal the cultural diversity of tattoos, the biographies they represent and what they say about being human. Lars’ latest project is a recently published book highlighting the Indigenous tattoo history of the North American continent.

2015 Entertainers Announced


Hello Moth

Hello Moth brings a mesmerizing presence to the stage, combining pop sensibilities with unearthly sounds and intriguing musicality in songs that surprise and charm listeners. Warm, passionate vocals contrast with the cold, digital tones of a Casio VL­1 synthesizer to create a sound that is at once soulful and soulless. In each riveting performance, Hello Moth spins musical layers over each other in loops to form elaborate patterns. The result is powerful and unexpected, as the audience witnesses the solitary musician become a haunting orchestra of one.

Yukichi Hattori 2 Photographer Paul McGrath

Yukichi Hattori

Yukichi Hattori wants to change the way you see ballet. Dancer and choreographer for the Alberta Ballet Company, Mr. Hattori is passionate about bringing the art form to places it’s never been before. In 2008 he contributed a piece to Calgary’s High Performance Rodeo, which was so popular it was performed again two years later. In 2009, he exhibited at Setagaya modern art museum in Tokyo. In 2014 he presented a solo work at a festival in Quebec. This year, he is re-imagining the classic opera, Carmen for Alberta Ballet’s 2014-15 season. Join him at TEDxYYC as he pushes the boundaries of performing arts, and shatters our notions of what ballet can be.

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